Joe’s New Telemarketer Call
Topless Woman Trashes McDonald’s
Surgeon Slappeded Patients
Nursing Home Stripper
Piss Coffee Worth 5 Grand
More Motor-boating
Return Of Hooker Pranks

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Distracting Pic
Orgasm Cure Story
School Bus Bully Story
Get Your Hands Off My Penis!
Our Correspondent
Motor-boating Dan


- Side Tits
- Jason Roberts From Simple Misfits Talks About His Knock Out Prank
- Kid ‘Ruined’ By School Sex
- Vagina Hidden Watch – Walken Weighs In
- Chupacabra Found
- Twin Girl Creeps
- Morgan Freeman Covers More 90′s Music

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Images/Links From The Chat:
Side Tit 1  Side Tit 2  Side Tit 3  Side Tit 4
The Horse
Prankster Knocked Out
Eddie Murphy’s Daughter
Walken Watch


- Joe Gets Conned At A Gas Station
- Nancy Grace Loves Porn
- Creepy Clown News Story
- Vic Dibitetto Calls In
- Walmart Foot Fetish
- Morgan Freeman Covers ’90s Songs

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Joe Dances To Peter Gabriel
The Joe Dance Gif
Joe At 41 Minutes Into The Show
Joe Ponders NJ Sales Tax
Vic Driving
Angry Test Drive
Joe Motorboats Dave

Live Tonight 7-10pm With Guest Bob Levy

Let’s get the simple shit out of the way for anyone new here. Listen Live By Clicking Here. When you do, you can play our video stream or just click the audio button on the top left if you don’t want to look at our sexy faces. Number to call in live- 845-228-8897 or Skype: CousinJoeShow

On Tonight’s Show – We have special guest The Reverend Bob Levy calling in around 8. And Youtube Prankster Jason Roberts From Simple Misfits

Topics to be discussed tonight
: None of your fucking business


- Joe’s Question For David Faustino On The Red Show, Red Show Guys Call In
- Man Wants To Lick Virginian Cops Ass, Al Pacino and Eddie Murphy Weigh In
- BB Gun Robbery
- Snake Handling Pastor Dies From Snake Bite
- Bearded Lady
- Shoplifter Shaming – Whos The Asshole

AUDIO: 2014-02-20

Exclusive Simon & Garfunkel Dance Video
BONUS Genesis Dance From November

Images From The Chat:
Did Somebody Say Ass Eating?
Trumpet Shit
Punchy Dancing To “You Can Call Me Al” (Please Sync This Gif with THIS)
Snakes And Hot Girls Don’t Always Go Well
Praise Mah Shit!

Video Links:
Trumpet Player Confrontation
Awful Bearded Brown Bitch
Who’s The Asshole?