Prank Calls With Balls! Volume One

Some of you have this already, if you do, it would help out A LOT if you could rate 5 stars/leave a quick review. If you don’t have it, well see what you’ve been missing. Official announcement and more news about this on this Thursday night’s Cousin Joe Show.


Also available on Google Play, Xbox, and a shit ton more just search
“Vincent Demayo – Prank Calls With Balls” on whatever digital music store you use.


- Mike Francesa Doesn’t Know Soccer
- Camey Reads Hot News
- Pacino Reports On Sex Crazed Retirement Home
- Extreme Corset Nut Girl
- Royce & Shaun Skype In
- Joe & Dave Do Salvia Again

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Links/Images From The Chat:
Moll Sends Her Brilliant Artwork of Joe 
We Revisit Joe’s Telemarketer Calls
Mike Francesa Doesn’t Know Soccer
Camey Reads Hot News
Russell Brand Invades The Show
Extreme Corset Nut Bitch Girl Thing
Just A Little Game Of Put The Cock In Joe’s Mouth
The “Rape” Gym Teacher
Mentally Ill Mom Wants A Joint
Joe Smokes Salvia (allegedly)