“If you can count your friends…”

“If you can count your close friends on more than one hand, then you got too fuckin many of em” as my grandfather used to say (at least I think that’s what he said, not sure but i’m gonna go with that)
It’s been a year since the infamous and hilarious “Joe gets fucked over at a ‘friends’ wedding” story show featuring Dan Dimarino, Dave Saitzyk & Special Guest Royce Lopez. Since then I have lost touch with a decent amount of acquaintances who also attended that wedding. While that is mildly upsetting, I feel the need to re-visit the show and present it in the original uncut version, as it went out live. The day after the show I received some calls about a story I told which i thought was common knowledge amongst these mutual friends/acquaintances…but it wasn’t. And that story I told was one of the main factors as to why I was moved to a different table at another friends wedding, coincidentally the day after the show, away from them. As soon as I was told about the story I brought up on the air that should not have been broadcast, I immediately took down the show and re-uploaded it with the story edited out.
As none of that now matters, I present to you, the full uncut show that aired live October 9th, 2014. The names have not been changed in order to implicate the guilty.

Audio Here – Click To Stream/Right Click To Save Download

One thought on ““If you can count your friends…”

  1. it took me 10 minutes to get my name right cause I’m not seeing double……this fuckin show and Mr. Coletta is/are/am I’m bad at English…..is amazing and I want to marry him!!!

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