– Joe’s Question For David Faustino On The Red Show, Red Show Guys Call In
– Man Wants To Lick Virginian Cops Ass, Al Pacino and Eddie Murphy Weigh In
– BB Gun Robbery
– Snake Handling Pastor Dies From Snake Bite
– Bearded Lady
– Shoplifter Shaming – Whos The Asshole

AUDIO: 2014-02-20

Exclusive Simon & Garfunkel Dance Video
BONUS Genesis Dance From November

Images From The Chat:
Did Somebody Say Ass Eating?
Trumpet Shit
Punchy Dancing To “You Can Call Me Al” (Please Sync This Gif with THIS)
Snakes And Hot Girls Don’t Always Go Well
Praise Mah Shit!

Video Links:
Trumpet Player Confrontation
Awful Bearded Brown Bitch
Who’s The Asshole?


– Drive Thru Taco ID
– Gabourey Sidibe/Piers Morgan Tranny Outrage
– Cuddle Workshops
– Woman Injects Shit Into Husbands IV
– MyFreeCams Experiment Bit

AUDIO: 2014-02-06

Images From The Chat:
Precious Is Not Amused
Eddie Murphy Party All The Time
American Psycho Cleaners
American Psycho Cleaners 2
Twisted Face Jerker-Offer Guy
Terri Schiavo Shirt

Video Links:
Piers Morgan Tranny Thing
Woman Injects Shit Into Husbands IV